The potentials of “Flipped Classroom” in Higher Education

Teaching in bilingual curricula under a CLIL approach poses a challenge to instructional design, as it is necessary to integrate content learning with instructional language practice. To implement this design it is essential that students come to class with due preparation (linguistic micro-skills, specific terminology, familiarity with concepts, etc.) through […]

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Deben los alumnos organizar sus grupos de trabajo o los asignamos nosotros de forma aleatoria?

¿Utilizas el trabajo en grupo en tus clases? Si practicas este tipo de metodologías, seguro que te has planteado la duda de cómo organizar los grupos: ¿deben los alumnos seleccionar ellos mismos los grupos de trabajo?, ¿es mejor distribuirlos aleatoriamente?. Habitualmente asumimos que cuando los alumnos seleccionan por si mismos […]


15th Biannual Conference EARLI 2013

Last week I attended EARLI 2013 Conference in Munich. A really exciting meeting, with hundreds of participants and topics related with the conference theme Responsible Teaching and Sustainable Learning. Professor Bart Rienties (University of Surrey) organized the symposium No. 25 Understanding emerging knowledge spillovers in small-group learning, a social network […]