Journal Articles

Hernández-Nanclares, N., Javier Mato Díaz, F. & Kóris, R. (2019). Expanding higher education classrooms beyond their walls: Virtual exchange and challenges for professors. Journal of International Mobility, no 7(1), 139-155.

Hernández Nanclares, N., Garcia Muñiz, S., Rienties, B. (2016). Making the most of “external” group members in blended and online environments. Interactive Learning Environments. DOI: 10.1080/10494820.2016.1140656. Once the article has published online, it will be available at the following permanent link: . Impact factor:1.323

Hernández Nanclares, N.; Jimenez Muñoz, A. (2015). English as a Medium of Instruction: Evidence for Language and Content Targets in Bilingual Education in Economics. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. DOI: 10.1080/13670050.2015.1125847. Available on line Impact factor: 1.027

Hernández Nanclares, N.; Perez Rodriguez, M. (2015). Students’ Satisfaction with a Blended Instructional Design: The Potential of “Flipped Classroom” in Higher Education. Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2016(1): 4, pp. 1–12, DOI:

Rienties, B., Hernandez Nanclares, N., Jindal-Snape, D., Alcott, P. (2013). The role of cultural background and team divisions in developing social learning relations in the classroomJournal of Studies in International Education. 17(4) (pp. 332-353) DOI: 10.1177/1028315312463826. Impact factor: 1.000.

Book Chapters

Rita Koris, Núria Hernández-Nanclares, Francisco Javier Mato Díaz (2020). Virtual exchange for teaching EU economics: building enriching international learning experiences for European students in Francesca Helm, F. & Beaven, A. (Eds.) Designing and implementing virtual exchange – a collection of case studies . DOI: 10.14705/rpnet.2020.45.9782490057726.

Hernandez Nanclares N. (2016). The transition processes of Erasmus students: Motivation, social networks, and academic performance in by Jindal-Snape,  D. and Rienties B. (Eds.) Multi-dimensional Transitions of International Students to Higher Education. New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction ISBN : 9781138890916 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London

Rienties, Bart; Nanclares, Nuria Hernandez; Hommes, Juliette and Veermans, Koen (2014). Understanding emerging knowledge spillovers in small-group learning settings: a networked learning perspective In: Hodgson, Vivien; De Laat, Maarten; McConnell, David and Ryberg, Thomas eds. The Design, Experience and Practice of Networked Learning. Research in Networked Learning (pp. 127-147). ISBN : 978-3-319-01939-0 | Publisher : Springer International Publishing | Published : Cham

Hernandez Nanclares, N., Rienties, B., & Van den Bossche, P. (2012). Longitudinal analysis of knowledge spillovers in the classroom. In P. Van den Bossche, W. H. Gijselaers & R. G. Milter (Eds.), Learning at the Crossroads of Theory and Practice (Vol. 4, pp. 157-175). ISBN: 978-94-007—2845-5 Dordrecht: Springer.

Hernández Nanclares, N. (2008) Evaluation and effective learning: Strategic use of e-portfolio as an alternative assessment at university, in García-Peñalvo Advances in E-Learning: Experiences and MethodologiesDOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-756-0.ch015

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