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Las posibilidades del “Flipped Learning” en Educación Superior: revisión de un artículo

Título: Students’ Satisfaction with a Blended Instructional Design: The Potential of “Flipped Classroom” in Higher Education. Autoras: Hernández Nanclares, N.; Perez Rodriguez, M. Revista: Journal of Interactive Media in Education, 2016(1): 4, pp. 1–12, DOI: English Version Dar clase en un currículo bilingüe utilizando un enfoque de aprendizaje integrado de […]


CLIL: some principles

Over recent years the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Oviedo has gradually introduced bilingual study groups.  This experience supposes an enormous challenge for the lecturers and students who face the difficulties associated with the process of teaching and learning in a second language. The challenge is […]