EU newsletter is already in Faculty Hall!!!


With the help of Julie, Klara and Paula, we have display the EU newsletter in the Faculty Hall. It contains the posters about TTIP we selected in last 29th of October 2015 Editoral Board.  It seems that the experience has been really rewarding for students as you can read in this student contribution:

This was the first time I enjoyed working in such an organized group arrangement. It had been weeks of research, follow up group meetings and tutorials, and continuous communication through Moxtra; all with the goal of creating the most informative yet visually communicative and elaborate TTIP poster. On the final day, the presentation was made similar to that of an exhibition in that it showcased each poster designed by all of the groups. Not only did I receive an opportunity to discuss the main ideas and express my groups’ personal opinion of the article with the persons that stopped by, but there was also a chance to see what everyone else had been working on. At the end of the day, I was left with a clearer interpretation of the subject and the invaluable experience of working with a diverse group of people.

Female Bahamas international student

Thank you every body for their participation and here you have some pictures in the Faculty Hall during the preparation.




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