EU Newsletter: first Editorial Board about TTIP

Last 29th of October 2015 my “Economics of Spain and the EU” bilingual students participated in an Editorial Board about the TTIP. Each group presented its own poster and we selected the best ones to build an EU Newsletter to be exhibited in the Faculty Hall.

I have used students own words to present the project and here there are some of the students opinions about the colaborative experience that has beed developed through Moxtra:

During these months we have been working about the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) in the lecture. We had to work with this topic and tried to understand what the TTIP means and what consequences it has.We worked in groups and each group chose a paper about the TTIP in order to explain what we had learned about this issue at the end of the month. It was a good experience as there were many groups so we could see different points of views and learned from each other. Moreover, we could choose our topic so we had to be careful in order to find the most scientific paper that best fits with the topic.

Spanis female student

As part of our semester project, we are working on the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). It been a few weeks now since we started the researches and I have to say, I never heard of this before. Even though it was something totally new to me, I developed a big interest to the subject. In fact I’m just back from 2 years overseas and  I’m originally French so this trade argument may impact my life in the future wherever I’ll decide to live, in Europe or in the USA. Separated in group of 3, each of us have elected a document coming from an economist blog. We also have created an account on the program “Moxtra” and in this app, we can share our ideas and documents and build up a perfect argumentation and presentation. We learned how to structure and develop our ideas and thanks to our many poster presentation we are now able to produce a clear and explicit work.

French female Erasmus student

It seems that Moxtra has been a good election to organise and monitoring working groups:

From my point of view Moxtra is a very good programme to do a teamwork as all members can follow notices at the same moment and we can receive messages from teachers. And with respect to the way in which we exposed the works in class I think it was very interesting and didactic as we learn more about the theme as each team explained different parts of the TTIP so putting all this information in common we learn a lot of aspects and opinions.

Spanish female student

I think that Moxtra is a good resource to improve communication with our classmates and teachers, and to be up-to-date on the tasks that each member of the group is performing. Conversely, for me, using this new social network, has been a little bit difficult because I am used to develop my tasks on my own, without notifying to anyone which information I’m looking for or what data sources I’m using. It’s only an issue of getting habituated to its employment. Moreover, I would be interested in keeping using this network because it is a good option in order to be familiarized with different methods of working and learning. Moxtra facilitates the upload of documents such as drafts or maps, over we are working on, so it makes it easier the connection and coordination of the group.

Spanish female student

Also, students seem happy with the topic and the way we have organised the project:

In my opinion, the topic we have been talking about is too interesting. By functioning on this area, I have learnt more about the agreements and plans that are performed at European level and that contribute to the economic progress of the different countries.       We have also investigated about what is harmful for the financial position, which allows us to be more aware of the economic history. In addition, TTIP is a broad subject, so we have had enough freedom to choose the section in which we were going to deepen.

Spanish female student

As an Erasmus student is was also the first time for me working with Spanish students, and I have to say we are a great team! I’m pairing with 2 really smart girls and I’m thankful to have the chance to collaborate with them. Our ideas are different, and so are our expectations but this leads to an outstanding exchange of ideas and nice work. I’m not sure that we all have the same perspectives of the TTIP situation but I’m sure that before working on it we were stranger to it or not as educated on it than we are right now. I look forward to keep developing my ideas and to exchange on the positive aspect and issues of the TTIP with my classmates. The economic policies in general can lead to debate but this partnership cooked between Uncle Sam and the Old Continent can be a treat to the world balance. To be continued…

French female Erasmus student

Summarizing,  a good experience and nice active student-centered work!!!

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