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More active learning in World Economy: jigsaw session for the WTO

Having difficulties to present the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to your students in a World Economy module? Try out a puzzle or jigsaw session!!! This active learning technique is easy to implement and generate high students’ involvement. It is true that it needs a bit of previous preparation but the effort is worthwhile. I usually […]

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CLIL: some principles

Over recent years the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Oviedo has gradually introduced bilingual study groups.  This experience supposes an enormous challenge for the lecturers and students who face the difficulties associated with the process of teaching and learning in a second language. The challenge is twofold; on the one hand, […]

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CLIL in Higher Education

I was the last 28th of January of 2013 in Castellón at Universidad Jaume I presenting my experiences in the bilingual module at Universidad de Oviedo. Lately, I have taught some modules in English in Bussiness Administration Degree in the Economics Faculty in Oviedo. The approach I have used is Content and Language Integated Learning […]

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