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  • Blog | Economics News Quiz - 22 September 2017 22 septiembre, 2017
    Here's this week's Economic news quiz.  Good luck!
  • Blog | Yellen signals an end to quantitative easing 21 septiembre, 2017
    The end of QE in the USA is just around the corner. It appears that the Federal Reserve is going to taper its stimulus programme and run down the stock of bonds it bought as part of its QE programme. And then it's going to slowly start increasing interest rates. How soon will the Bank […]
  • Blog | Google signs HTC smartphone deal 21 septiembre, 2017
    Google have agreed a deal with HTC to boost its hardware business. However, it doesn't smack of a marriage from a position of strength, instead here are two companies who are struggling to maintain market share in the face of the power of Apple.


  • 2017 ICLHE Conference in Copenhagen
    The fifth ICLHE Conference is hosted by the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, on 4-7 October 2017. The main theme is: "Integrating Content and Language at the Multilingual University".
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    Regular updates about ICLHE are posted on our Facebook site. Find us at ICLHE. The page currently has the heading "ICLHE Conferences" as most posts will be related to the 2017 Conference in Copenhagen.
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